What Bugs Work to Keep Your Garden Healthy?

Although some insects can destroy your garden overnight, others can help you have a healthy area where flowers and vegetables grow peacefully.

If you want a healthy garden, you’ll need beneficial insects around to keep your plants strong. Here are the best choices to bring home the bugs that offer benefits.

List of the Best Beneficial Insects for the Garden

1. Soldier Beetles

Although these insects look a little scary, they’re the perfect hunters for soft-bodied insects. They protect your squash blossoms and other flowering veggies by eating the aphids that try to destroy them. Since this bug doubles as a pollinator, you’ll want to keep them around.

2. Syrphidae

These flies hover over their favorite flowers like a hummingbird, looking for some tasty nectar treats to enjoy. They pollinate as they travel, helping your garden stay healthy. People sometimes mistake them for wasps, so you’ll want to look at the back pattern before taking a preventive squish.

3. Ladybugs

The ladybird beetle is a popular addition to many gardens because they feast on aphids like an all-you-can-eat buffet. If you don’t have any flowers or veggies that keep them around, consider planting some Queen Anne’s lace. It grows like a weed, making it a low-maintenance addition to reduce the harmful bug population.

4. Stink Bugs

If you want an insect that looks like a tank, this one delivers a positive result. These bugs work in gardens where fruit trees are present, taking care of the unwanted caterpillars, beetles, and aphids that try to take the life out of your plants.

5. Lacewings

This nocturnal insect is a little trickier to add to your garden. You’ll want to have lacewings around, but they can also do a lot of damage if they’re present in significant numbers. If you have whiteflies or aphids, the females lay the eggs in those colonies to give their little ones lots of food to enjoy.

When you have a healthy garden, the environment provided a moment of homeostasis that lets you get those flowers and veggies ready for harvest. If you don’t have these bugs around, they’re often available for purchase from online providers.

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