Tips for Growing a Garden in Tight Urban Areas

After 2020 brought back a resurgence of the victory gardens trend from WWII (although with sometimes questionable racial considerations), 2021 is the year to evolve this concept. Gardeners in tight urban areas don’t have yards to turn into fresh produce, but they do have balconies, grow lights, and containers that will create productive spaces.

Consider implementing these ideas if you live in the city and want a garden this year (or any year!).

1. Containers Go Anywhere

You can stack containers in an apartment wherever some free space exists. Some plants prefer more sunlight, which means you’d want them in the kitchen window or on your balcony. If you don’t have a lot of room, consider purchasing boxes that fit over your porch rail to have extra space for your garden.

2. Go Up the Wall

When container space is at a premium, your next best option is to build a trellis. Climbing plants can scale a wall to offer fruits and vegetables without much maintenance. Although renters might not have this option with their lease stipulations, you can turn any wall or structure into a place for your garden.

3. Raised Beds

If you have a deck, porch, patio, or small yard to use, consider installing a raised bed for your garden. This option lets you create the correct soil mixture immediately so that you can start growing your favorite foods.

4. Green Walls

Some buildings have a waterproof exterior that lets you build a green wall filled with lettuce, spinach, and other leafy vegetables. You can also install this framework inside with enough protection. You’ll need to have grow lights and soil pockets to make it work, but you’ll also have a year-round food source.

5. Hydroponics

When all else fails, you can always use glasses, canning jars, vases, and similar items to create a hydroponics garden. The workload might be a little more throughout the year, but you can still grow several plants this way.

What kind of garden are you planning for 2021?

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