Tips for Attracting Humming Birds to Your Garden

Having hummingbirds in your garden is a good thing. They are wonderful creatures, and they can help to keep unwanted pests away. You can be lucky to have them in your garden even when you have done nothing special. However, most gardeners put in extra effort to attract these birds.

Do you really want hummingbirds in your garden? Here are important tips to attract them and make them settle in your garden:

Deadhead Your Flowers to Enhance Blooming

Hummingbirds love blooming flowers, and you can attract them when you enhance blooming. You can follow this clever old gardeners’ trick to enhance blooming. All you need to do is to remove old blossoms.

Don’t Remove Spider Webs

Furthermore, you can attract humming birds to your yard using spider webs. Though, it is very hard to convince some people that spider webs belong to the garden. Actually, they don’t, but they can help you to attract hummingbirds. These awesome creatures use the spider web as a prime ingredient in their nests. They will build nests where they can access this raw material easily.

Add a Mister to Your Yard

All birds, including hummingbirds, will happily bathe if they find a ready supply of water. You can attract them with a mister, which is basically a small hosed attachment to your regular water hose that shoots a fine mist into the air. Hummingbirds will enjoy flying through the fine spray repeatedly until they are soaked and satisfied.

Make Snag Perches for the Birds

Hummingbirds prefer to perch on snags. If you can make some in your garden, you will attract them to rest, preen, and hunt in your garden. Of course, this can lead them to finally make their home in your lovely garden. You can make a snag by sticking a dead branch into the ground so that it stands vertical.

Add Feeders

If you really need hummingbirds in your garden, you can take a step further by provider more feeders for them. This is especially important if you have bullies in the garden (male hummingbirds tend to dominate feeders). Add more to cater to the needs of others.

There are several other things you can do to attract hummingbirds to your farm, including adding new native plant species, planning a continuous blooming schedule, rehabilitating your feeders, and more. Try all these tips to make your garden a haven for these wonderful birds. Attracting lady bugs is also helpful.

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