Planting Cherry Seeds: How to Get a Successful Tree

If you love cherries, you’ve probably spat more than your fair share of seeds out when eating the fruit. Instead of doing that this year, why not consider saving some of them to grow trees at home? 

The cherry tree you decide to plant needs to work for your region. Depending on the type, it might be considered hardy from Zone 5 to Zone 9. Knowing the soil type is important as well.

Don’t try to use the seeds from store-bought fruit. You’ll want to take some from a tree in your area or from an organic producer. Once you have the supplies, it’s time to prepare the pits for planting.

How to Plant a Cherry Tree Successfully

  1. Let the cherry pits soak in warm water for about five minutes.
  2. Scrub the surfaces free of any fruit that clings to the seed. 
  3. Once everything is clean, spread everything out on a paper towel in a warm area. They need to dry for three to five days.
  4. Transfer the dried pits to a plastic container you’ve labeled. It should be fitted with a tight lid. 
  5. Store the cherry seeds in a refrigerator for ten weeks. To be ready for spring germination, cherries need to go through a cold period that happens during the winter months. This step cannot get skipped.
  6. Remove the seeds. Allow them to come to room temperature.
  7. Place two or three in a small container with soil, watering it to keep the dirt moist. 

Once the cherry seedlings are about two inches tall, remove the weakest plants to leave the sturdiest seedling in the pot. If you plant multiple trees, they should be at least 20 feet apart from each other. 

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