How to Water Outdoor Plants During a 30-Day Vacation

Some people don’t take vacations because they don’t want to abandon their gardens for a month or more. We all need to take time away to relax and recharge.

You can take some steps to avoid having your plants become parched while you’re having some fun, even if you don’t have someone to watch your property. 

1. Create a Small Greenhouse

If you don’t have many outdoor plants, consider using a water-recycling terrarium to keep them happy while you’re gone. You can create a DIY one with a large, clear plastic bag that will keep them happy for your entire vacation. It should be out of the direct sun. Place a moist towel on the bottom, then water all the plants thoroughly.

2. Use a Wicking System

If you have old cotton t-shirts, you can create a wick that runs from a pail filled with water to your plants. It will take about one five-gallon bucket to care for each garden row. Stretch the wick from the water to the soil to ensure the moisture transfers when it gets dry.

3. Use the Wine Bottle Method

After filling an empty wine bottle with water, stick it upside down in the soil. The moisture transfers to the garden when it gets dry. You can also purchase stakes that provide this service. Depending on what you’ve planted, some might need two of them to get through a full month.

4. Invest in a Slow Drip

If you have an extensive garden, your best option is to install a drip system that runs on a timer. You can install a shutoff valve at your home’s hose connection to operate things. The only risk you’ll face is a blowout while you’re away, which means the water would keep running at a steady pace.

These options can help you take that month-long vacation without worry. Even so, it’s always better to have someone available to check on things to ensure the plants stay healthy.

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