How to Prepare Your Garden for Fall

Fall is an exciting time of year for the garden. It’s when your harvest comes in, the late flowers start blooming, and the transition to the holiday season occurs.

When you’re finished with the harvesting work, it is time to prepare your garden for the colder months. These steps will help you to set the stage now so that the ground is ready for spring planting.

5 Steps to Follow for Preparing Your Fall Garden

1. Assess the Damage

It helps to inspect your property to see how the plants did over the spring and summer. Take notes about the ones that were successful and those that failed. You can also identify the bulbs that need to get divided before the next growing season.

2. Add Mulch

If you have bare areas in your garden, the fall season is the perfect time to amend the soil and add mulch.

3. Check for Disease

Inspect your plants in the fall to see if disease issues are impacting your garden. If you spot any problems, treat the concern right away so that you can get right to work in the spring.

4. Replace the Annuals

You can replace the summer annuals once fall comes around with something hardy that can last the winter. Anything rated as an evergreen will work as long as it’s rated for your growing zone. If you have bulbs that need to come inside, the time to get that job done is now.

5. Prune

Roses don’t like to get pruned in the fall because the activity stimulates new growth. Only cut back plants meant for fall pruning, such as columbine, lilies, irises, and catmint.

When you clean up the ground, add mulch, and prepare your plants for the colder months, the garden will be healthy and ready for fall. You can also plant hardy vegetables, such as kale, to continue having fresh produce available.

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