How to Prep Your Outdoor Garden for Winter

The year is coming to a close, and while you may be excited for some snow and the chance to bundle up, your outdoor garden definitely isn’t. Winter is coming, as Lord Eddard Stark would say, and we need to prepare our lands for the coming of winter. Be on constant vigilance and prepare for attack. Obviously, this is a gross exaggeration; however, your outdoor garden is essentially preparing for an attack. Therefore you need to learn how to prep your outdoor garden for winter.

There are not many plants that thrive in the winter, and it’s not hard to see why. The lack of constant sunlight, the harsh wind, and the very cold temperature are not conducive to most living things. To protect your outdoor garden to the best of your ability, you need to prepare for winter. Here is how to prep your outdoor garden for winter.

1. Bring tender plants inside

For some plants, the amount of preparation you undertake is irrelevant; they simply cannot survive the cold. These are tender plants. Bring them inside the house. If they’re in the soil, consider moving them into a pot. There are many videos explaining how to do this such. This is the safest way to ensure your plants don’t die. Take a few hours to research which of your plants can survive the winter, and the ones whose survival seems practically hopeless should be moved inside.

2. Purchase pots with drainage holes

For outdoor potted plants, pots with drainage holes can save your plants’ life. Once you purchase these pots, also purchase well-draining compost. This is to ensure the excessive moisture that comes with winter doesn’t kill your plant by drowning it. This is an essential step to note when you’re learning how to prep your outdoor garden for winter. If you’re not willing to purchase pots with drainage holes, then you can DIY them yourself.

3. Insulation

Insulation is a great way to protect your plants during winter. Insulation goes a long way. If it’s an option you can afford, certainly check it out. You can consider purchasing insulation bags or you can wrap the exterior of outdoor potted plants with packaging material like plastic. To secure the material, keep it in place by wrapping garden wire around the plastic packaging material.

4. Stunt growth

Another way to protect your plants during the winter is to stunt their growth. By midsummer, stop fertilizing your outdoor potted plants. This slows down growth and reduces the chance of smaller vulnerable plant growth dying during the winter. To prepare your plant, you have to continue watering regularly when you stop fertilizing.

5. Move them closer to the house

For outdoor potted plants, keep them close to the wall of your house for extra warmth. The walls of your home will most likely offer a little warmth.

6. Replace terracotta pots

Frost easily penetrates through pots made with terracotta. If you can’t afford to replace these pots, then move them somewhere warm like a greenhouse, the garage, the shed, or even inside your home.

Other tips that may cost more money include attracting wildlife to your garden with food, purchasing an outdoor heater, and investing in plants that bloom during the water.

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