How to Keep Deer Out of Your Garden

When your garden starts growing, it becomes a tempting dinner destination for everyone. If you thought you’d be the first ones to those fruits and veggies, you might need to think again. Local deer populations will come to do some munching if the plants are left unprotected.

Do you have a deer problem to manage? If so, these tips can help to keep the animals out of your garden.

What Are the Best Ways to Keep Deer Out of the Garden?

1. Install Fencing

The easiest way to keep your garden intact is to install fencing. It must be at least eight feet tall to prevent the deer from simply jumping over the structure. You can expand the height by using wire rolls, metal fencing, and security stakes.

2. Plant Herbs and Flowers

Deer don’t like overwhelming scents. If you plant pungent products, they’ll avoid your garden because they want to avoid having the odor get on them. Mint and lavender are great choices because they’ll also mask the smells of the fruits and veggies coming from your property.

3. Burglar Alarm

Most deer get spooked by loud noises. If you install traps that make sounds when the animals come into the garden, you’ll have them running away. If they get used to the sound, this alarm allows you to respond to chase them away. Windchimes are an excellent solution.

4. Limit the Space

Deer are suspicious of anything that seems different. If you change the look of your garden periodically, those efforts can reduce their activity. Adding new sights, sounds, and colors will set the animals on edge.

5. Add Shiny Things

When shiny metallic things move in your garden, deer often stay away because they don’t want to risk stumbling into a predator. This option provides an extra bonus by preventing birds from coming to steal your seeds.

If you take these steps, the local deer will want to stay out of your garden. What methods have you used over the years successfully?

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