How to Grow Your Own Bouquet Flowers

Do you know you can grow your bouquet flowers? Many people know, but do you also know that it doesn’t cost so much, and it doesn’t require a college degree in horticulture? You don’t even need a high school diploma to perfect the science and art of growing bouquet flowers. Without further ado, here is how you can grow your own bouquet flowers:

Choose the Flowers to Grow

The first important step to take is to choose the flowers to grow. If there is a need to grow greenery for the bouquet, consider that too. Calculate the time you have, consider your climate, and take your personal style into account too. You may need to plant these flowers and greenery at different times if you want to harvest at the same time.

Find the Right Space to Grow the Bouquet Flowers

Now that you know the flowers to grow and know the conditions they require, it is time to choose the right spot to grow them. Some flowers prefer shaded areas, while some love sunshine. Choose the best space for the one you want to grow. You can grow them in different parts of your garden.

Prepare and Fortify the Soil

To prepare the land for planting the flowers, remove weeds and clear any roots so that they don’t come back to compete with your flowers. Rake the existing soil to improve aeration and fortify it with organic material.

Plant According To Directions and Take Good Care of Them

Most flower seeds come with directions on how to plant them. You can also find out more about the flower from horticulture textbooks or even from the internet. Plant according to the instructions and take good care of your flowers and greenery.

Harvest at the Right Time

If you got your calculations right and took good care of your flowers, they will most likely mature just when you need them. You will have to harvest carefully. Use clean, sharp scissors to cut, and place the flowers immediately into a bucket of cool water to keep them fresh. 

Build Your Bouquet

It is time to build your bouquet. Trim the flowers to similar heights and remove thorns, leaves, and other aspects you don’t find attractive on the flowers. Build carefully and wrap a finishing ribbon around your floral tape when you are done. You can ask a local florist to help you at this point if you find building a bouquet challenging.

Growing your own bouquet flowers is possible, as the steps above show. But it is not really as simple as it appears. Research more and ask for help when you need it.

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