How to Attract Beneficial Parasitic Wasps to Save Your Garden

It helps to have insects that want to be in your garden. The goal is to eliminate the pests that destroy your crops by introducing their natural predators to the location. One of the best options to consider adding are parasitic wasps.

Why choose parasitic wasps? Not only do they offer pollination benefits while seeking nectar, but they also consume caterpillars and aphids when they’re active. With these insects available, the results are so consistent that you don’t need to use an organic pesticide.

The issue with parasitic wasps is that beginners often think that they are flies, so they try to remove them from the garden.

Plant the Right Items to Attract Parasitic Wasps

If you want your garden to develop a bug-eat-bug environment, you need to plant the options that attract the predators to your property. Although you could introduce the insects directly, they’ll fly away without an available food source.

Parasitic wasps love fennel flowers. They’ll pursue the nectar from them while keeping an eye out for the different caterpillars, insects, and worms they like to eat.

Another option for parasitic wasps is the tansy flower. The blooms look like small buttons, attracting several species to your garden. You’ll find everything from lacewings to pirate bugs looking for a snack.

Anything that delivers an excellent nectar source is worth planting if it works for your growing region. Additional options include statice, sweet alyssum, parsley, and zinnias.

You’ll want to grow the nectar-bearing plants close to the edible crops you wish to protect. The parasitic wasps will come for a visit, spot the pests you want to remove, and grab a quick meal as they manage their pollination duties.

You could spray chemicals or use an organic pesticide, but it works better to let nature do the work for you. When you can attract the right insects, and when you have the right soil type, you’ll create the outcomes you want for a bountiful harvest.

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