How Much Do Mature Fruit Trees Cost?

The idea of having a fruit tree at home brings back memories of homesteading, farming, and self-sufficiency.

When you can pick an apple from a tree you own for a quick snack, there isn’t a feeling like it in the world!

Other fruit trees provide a similar experience. You could plant pears, oranges, cherries, lemons, or even avocados. Apple trees tend to be the most popular because they manage most climates.

The cost of a mature tree depends on the species you prefer. Common apple varieties might cost $25, while a specialized lemon tree might be $200.

If you’d like to have fruit trees growing on your property, here is where you can purchase them.

1. Raintree Nursery

If you want to order fruit trees to plant at home, this nursery offers some excellent varieties to consider. You can find everything from mulberries to peach trees available, with most items priced in the $30 to $50 range per tree.

2. Willis Orchards

You’ll find some of the more unusual trees to order online at this store. They have a complete selection of dwarf varieties, jujube trees, and even figs. You can buy them as starters or as mature options with prices beginning as low as $4.95.

3. Stark Brothers

This online nursery is the place to go if you want to grow olive trees. You’ll also find pears, peaches, and cherries offered in plentiful supply.

4. The Tree Center

When you plant trees on your property, they can become the backbone of your garden. You get the visual structure needed for an aesthetically pleasing landscape. You can find apple trees, berry bushes, and numerous nut trees available for sale here.

If you want to order fruit trees locally, most nurseries offer a limited supply for you to enjoy. You can also shop at stores like The Home Depot when they restock their garden center.

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