How Gnomes Attract Luck to Your Garden

Adding gnomes to your garden is thought to provide good luck to the owners and the property. This influence exists for only a few yards, which means you’d need several to create a beneficial result when stepping outside.

It is said that gnomes have magical abilities that help them manage their everyday tasks each day. Although you can never see them moving, it does seem that they can get around the garden when no one is watching.

They’ve been providing good luck since the 19th century. These tips can help you get a piece of that action.

1. Choose Your Gnome Carefully

You have numerous options to consider when selecting a garden gnome today. The goal should be to choose one that meshes with your personality. You can have one that cheers for your favorite team, warns people to stay away, or encourages some work to get finished in your yard.

2. Consider Your Placement

Gnomes serve as a welcoming committee for anyone who comes to your garden. They like to hide under some leaves so that no one can see their magic. Although they don’t want to be near creeping vines, you can place them on bare ground to encourage more growth.

3. Offer Some Fencing

If you don’t want your gnomes to start roaming, you’ll want to consider adding some fencing to your garden. This option provides a secondary benefit because a mischievous one won’t have as many opportunities to cause trouble on your property.

4. Let Them Be Guardians

Gnomes are often relegated to the garden, but they can also help you in other ways. They can guard your patio, be a surprise on a tree branch, or even keep watch through an interior window.

Gnomes attract magic and luck to your garden because they create these elements. Tapping into this resource is a fun way to turn your house into a home.

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