Grow a Bountiful Spring Garden with These Plants

If you want to have a spring garden that delivers an early harvest, you can get the results you want by planting these items at the start of the season. When you have a greenhouse or space inside for seedlings, you can get going as early as November in some climates.

1. Artichokes

This heirloom vegetable grows tender flower buds that accept pickling spices quite well. You can also fry the silvery leaves to draw out some of the pine flavors that make this garden stable such a delightful snack. You can sometimes over-winter them in growing zones 8 and 9 with enough mulch.

2. Broad Beans

You can plant this vegetable in the fall to get an early spring harvest in some climates. You’ll get the pods appearing about a month earlier with this method, and the leaf tips and shoots provide the extra benefit of being edible.

3. Garlic

The best time to plant garlic is in the winter, although you won’t pull a harvest until the summer months with that schedule. You’ll still get the green shoots to use in your cooking until the bulbs are ready, and some varieties will mature faster than others.

4. Winter Onions

If you have enough space in your garden, consider using this crop to get a bountiful harvest in the spring. Unless you get a hard freeze, this option lets you plant it and forget it until it’s time to get them. You’ll need to watch out for slugs since they love them as a winter food source. If you want an even earlier crop, consider planting shallots instead.

5. Kale

If you plant kale in the fall, its resiliency can take it into spring so that you can get an early harvest. You can add some collards into the mix for even more protection, even if it snows. You can even take a few leaves when you need them for a mid-winter meal.

What are some of your favorite vegetables to plant for a spring harvest?

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