Garden Plants That Anyone Can Grow Successfully

If you want to grow a garden this year, you don’t need to have a green thumb to have a successful experience.

When you have these plants available, you can get the fresh foods you want while enjoying a successful experience. It might even give you the confidence to try something a little harder during the next growing season!

Here are the seeds or starters that you’ll want to buy when they are ready.

1. Zucchini

Green zucchini grows without giving the plants a second thought. As long as you prepare their containers with a compost mix and give them a sunny spot with some water, you’ll have plenty of vegetables to enjoy.

2. Summer Squash

You might call this vegetable “yellow zucchini.” It also grows with minimal effort, and the plants require about the same levels of sun and water. Many gardeners plant them together because of their maintenance similarities.

3. Lettuce

If you want a salad, you’ll need some lettuce in your garden. Several dark, leafy varieties grow in containers, on window sills, and almost anywhere they can get enough light and water. You’ll need to avoid cold temperatures, but your first harvest could be 45-60 days after planting the seeds.

4. Tomatoes

This plant is the most challenging one on this list. You must oversee your soil composition to ensure they’ll produce the variety you prefer. They need lots of sun, room for their roots, and supports for the stems as they start to grow the food you want.

5. Peppers

Hot peppers are about as easy to grow as turning on a water faucet to quench your thirst. If you’re up for a little challenge, consider planting bell peppers in your garden instead. Plant two of them in a container, give them a stake for extra support, and pick the fruit as soon as it hits the color you want to help your garden keep producing.

The best garden plants are the ones that produce foods your family will eat. What are some of your favorite items to grow at home?

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