Garden Must-Haves Before Planting in Spring

It is essential to have the right plants for your growing zone. Although they can do a lot of the work for you when establishing a garden, it is up to you to prepare the area in the spring so the magic can happen.

Before you start planting, you’ll want to navigate this preparation checklist.

1. Get Your Shed Ready

  • Sharpen all of your blades, get the tines ready, and oil your hinges.
  • Use penetrating oil to remove corrosion or prevent it from forming.
  • Replenish whatever supplies you need for the garden.
  • Make repairs to the structure’s exterior if necessary.

2. Prepare Your Space

  • Do a spring cleaning of your garden area, removing everything until you reach the bare soil.
  • Take any expired organic matter to your compost pile.
  • Rake over the topsoil to get a good mix instead of concentrated spots.
  • Add any early-season nutrients that are necessary to achieve a balanced result.
  • Prune your trees, roses, and perennials so that they’re ready for the growing season.
  • Separate your perennial bulbs as needed.

3. Prepare Your Soil

  • Till your soil after the final frost of the year. You can also use a shovel with a sharp blade to turn it over.
  • Add more compost and amendments as needed for the plants you want to grow.
  • Install raised beds in the areas where direct planting doesn’t make sense.
  • Set up new planters and beds so that they’re ready for your seeds or starters.

4. Plant Your Garden

  • Plant in starter trays or outside. This step depends on your growing zone, the current weather, if you have a greenhouse, and other variables.
  • Hardy vegetables that stay deep in the ground can get planted outside directly.
  • Take care of your bulbs, trees, and shrubs so that the root balls are at the appropriate depth.
  • Apply mulch wherever you can to prevent weed establishment, more heat, and additional moisture for your garden.

Once you follow these steps, you’ll be ready to take care of your garden through the spring and summer.

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