Exercises to Start for Productive Spring Gardening

As the chill from winter fades, the itch to get outside to start the garden grows stronger. If you have a greenhouse at home, it might not have ever disappeared! 

Getting the plants started in February often takes some difficult work. You might need to till the field, remove rocks, pull weeds, or spend the day stooped over planting seeds.

The first step of the preparation process is to give your body what it needs. That means stocking up on BrainMD and Host Defense products to have the energy required for the garden. Once you’ve taken care of that step, these exercises can help you start to build some strength. 

1. Deadlifts

Let the dumbbells slide along your legs throughout the entire motion. Lift with your legs from the ground, keeping your shoulders and back straight while going through the motion. It’ll help when lifting heavy buckets or tools.

2. Front Squats

Try to keep your weight in your heels for this exercise. It might be helpful to point your toes to the ceiling to ensure that your squats go back instead of down. The goal should be to maintain a neutral alignment the entire time.

3. Farmer Carries

Keep your abdominal muscles tight for this exercise. Don’t use big swings. If you don’t have heavy weights to get ready for gardening season, consider using full laundry detergent containers instead.

4. Push-Ups

The key to a successful push-up is to create a straight line from head to tie. Don’t let the back sway or arch. When the elbows stay tucked into the torso, you can engage the triceps better. 

If you head right out into the garden, you’ll discover that it might be a few days of misery are there with all the bending, twisting, and pulling. That’s why these exercises are worth considering. 

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