6 Birds That Benefit Your Garden

Birds can be a problem when planting a garden. They love to scratch up the seeds you’ve just planted! Instead of getting a meal for yourself in the fall, they’re taking breakfast now.

Although our aviary friends can be problematic, you still want some of them to visit your yard regularly. Here are the species to attract to benefit your garden this year.

1. Bluebirds

These beautiful thrushes gobble up the unwanted insects that try to destroy your garden. They’re excellent hunters when it comes to grasshoppers, caterpillars, weevils, and beetles.

2. Wrens

These energetic birds are fun to watch because they’re aerial artists when hunting insects. They also forage close to the ground, taking care of the grubs, ants, and snails that try to cause damage.

3. Chickadees

These voracious insect eaters are relatively easy to attract to your yard. They love eating caterpillars and grubs! Since they have large broods, setting up homes for parents encourages them to establish a nest and hunt for their chicks.

4. Woodpeckers

When wood-boring insects are a problem, these birds deliver a solution. Their beaks are hard enough to drill into the bark, pulling out the aphids, beetles, millipedes, and more that would typically devour a garden.

5. Purple Martins

These swallows are a beautiful addition to your property, but they also have specialized needs that can make them a challenge to attract. It’s worth the effort if you have problems with flies and moths. They’ll even take care of a few mosquitoes.

6. Tanagers

If you have stinging insects in your garden, these colorful birds can get rid of the bucks quickly. They love munching on wasps! This species has evolved a way to remove the stingers before having dinner, making them an asset in the summer when hornets and other aggressive stinging insects are around.

These birds deliver impressive results, helping you avoid the use of chemicals and sprays. When you can attract them throughout the season, your garden can thrive! Spiders can be beneficial too!

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