5 Weeds that Are Good for Your Garden

When you think about health and wellness, a diverse approach to getting vitamins, minerals, and other essentials are helpful. That’s why you’ll stock up on organic items at the store or shop brands like Integrative Therapeutics or Allergy Research Group.

Your garden requires the same diversity. Although it might be tempting to pull some weeds from around your plans, some of them are beneficial additions.

1. Dandelions

These flowers attract good bugs, such as honeybees, that help to pollinate your vegetables. They also repel several pests. You can even use them as a food source when the leaves and flowers are young.

2. Goldenrod

This plant is often confused for ragweed, so it gets pulled instead of being allowed to stay. It lures many pollinators to your yard, which can help you tend to your garden better.

3. Clover

If your yard has poor soil, clover is a great plant to have growing. The leaves pull nitrogen out of the air, send it to the roots, and release it into the ground. It also stabilizes moisture content in the area, making it the perfect addition to squash, cabbage, and broccoli. 

4. Wild Violets

Wild violets produce delicate white and purple flowers. They withstand drought remarkably well, providing a ground cover spread in spaces where grass doesn’t like to grow.

5. Stinging Nettles

You might not like this weed, but it can become a fantastic fertilizer. Steep one ounce of leaves in boiling water for 30 minutes, skim off the wilted materials, and add 10 parts water to one part fluid. Don’t forget to wear gloves!

It is amazing how some birds, spiders and weeds can prove helpful for your garden!

When you take care of your garden, it will take care of you! The same rule applies to your health and wellness. 

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