5 Ways to Stay Healthy When Fall Gardening

Gardening can be lots of fun in the spring and summer. When the autumn months arrive, many families give up on their patch to focus on harvesting, canning, and preserving what they’ve grown.

Did you know that some gardens can survive the cold winter months with the right tools?

If you plant a fall garden, you’re already setting the stage for a healthier lifestyle. Adding products from Standard Process and Source Naturals can potentially give your immune system another boost!

How to Stay Healthy When Gardening

1. Get down there to do some weeding.

The motions of weeding by hand require as much energy as taking a one-mile run. That means you can start doing something productive for your property while getting an effective workout each day.

2. Wash your hands.

Although the risks of catching COVID while working in your garden are almost infinitesimal, you’ll still want to maintain the practice of sanitizing your hands. Some people wear masks to block the different soil and fungal particles that can get into the air.

3. Don’t drink and garden.

Drinking alcohol, especially excessively, can cause your immune system to get weaker instead of stronger. That means your ability to fight off infections can dip significantly. Try to limit yourself to one standard drink per day.

4. Keep your stress levels down.

The work that happens in the garden can be peaceful and relaxing. If you feel stressed out by all the canning work, try to remember that the food you’re creating can support your family until spring arrives.

5. Get more sleep.

When you exercise regularly, it is much easier to fall asleep and stay sleeping longer. Even if you only get 30 minutes outside per day, you’ll create the foundation where the body can start its natural regeneration processes.

Having a fall garden can be exceptionally rewarding. Why not try planting one this year?

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