5 Tips for Successful Bucket Gardening

If you don’t have much space outside for a garden, there are still a few options for you to consider. Some people decide to use their vertical areas for plant growth, while others look at container gardening as an option.

When you decide the second choice is your best option, bucket gardening can be a fantastic way to grow your favorite foods.

These tips can help you have a successful experience when selecting the bucket gardening method. 

1. Pick the Right Soil

High-quality commercial potting soil or topsoil will help your bucket garden start growing. Don’t use the dirt from your garden because it will harden in the container. Amendments like perlite, compost, and peat moss will help the roots establish a robust foothold.

2. Use Healthy Plants

Even when you produce seedlings for your garden, the healthiest plants should be the ones used for the buckets. Almost anything will grow in containers under the right conditions, so you’ll need to choose what you prefer. Always plant the best!

3. Match the Light Conditions

It helps to read the plant tags before putting specific combinations together. Some veggies prefer full sun, while others grow better in the shade. You don’t want to mix them. 

4. Plant in Layers

Plant the tall and showy plants in the middle of the picket. Use medium-sized options around it, while using vines or trailers to spill out the sides of the container. This tip will produce lots of visual layers while maximizing your space. 

5. Water Frequently

When plants grow in a bucket, they need more water than those in a traditional garden. If the soil’s surface feels dry to the touch, it’s probably time to do this chore. Don’t be surprised if it’s a daily task in the summer.

What are some of your favorite tips that you’ve developed over the years for a successful bucket or container gardening experience?

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