5 Soil Additives That Are Great for Plants

When you want to build a garden, the soil’s quality often determines what you can grow. Several soil additives can change that profile so that you can focus on the fruits, veggies, and herbs your family loves to eat!

If your soil could use some extra love, here are some options to consider.

1. Sphagnum Peat Moss

This option absorbs the excess water that might be in the ground. It slowly releases it to the plant roots to avoid flooding. You’ll want to consider it for sandy or clay soils.

2. Mushroom Compost

You’ll add a mixture of peat moss, straw, and organic components to the soil with this choice. Although the product is meant to help mushrooms grow in dark environments, you can add it as an amendment to the home garden.

3. Lime

This soil additive raises your soil’s pH, reducing the acidity levels to a place where your fruits and vegetables prefer.

4. Composted Manure

This farm byproduct is odorless, but it still does an excellent job of improving aeration. It also encourages moisture retention while enriching the soil. You can opt for a dehydrated product to make it even easier to spread.

5. Topsoil

If you need extensive repairs to your garden, this product can efficiently level the ground, fill holes, and correct eroded areas. You’ll need to blend it with wood bark, composted manure, peat moss, or other amendments for potting or planting.

When you take care of your soil, the ground can produce some amazing items. What are you planning to grow in your garden over the next year?

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