5 Plants to Grow in the Fall Season

We often think of the garden as being productive from the spring to the fall. What if you could keep producing veggies throughout the year?

Not only could you maximize your garden’s productivity, but it could also keep your grocery bills lower.

If you’re interested in having a fall or winter crop this year, here are the plants you’ll want to grow.

Best Vegetables to Plant in the Fall

1. Radishes

You can get a crop of this veggie in less than four weeks from the seeds you plant. Since they’re relatively hardy, you can typically keep this part of your garden patch active until your first hard freeze.

2. Kale

If a little frost nips at this dark leafy green, it’s not a bad thing. You’ll find the leaves become a little sweeter when the temperatures get colder. Even if you get a foot of snow, you can still harvest this vegetable.

3. Parsley

It usually takes about three months for seeds to start growing before you can get a harvest. It works better in mild climates than cold ones because the plant is a bit fussy with its germination. Soaking the seeds for a day before planting them can help.

4. Arugula

This vegetable is ready for harvest about 40 days after planting. If you keep a cycle of new crops every 14 days, you’ll have a continual harvest to enjoy. It hates the heat, but you’ll need to protect it from the snow or a hard frost.

5. Spinach

You can plant this leafy green up to four weeks before the first expected hard frost and still get a harvest. If it reaches maturity before the cold temperatures, it’s remarkably hardy. Try taking the outside leaves only when you’re in the fall.

These vegetables can help your garden stay productive throughout the year. Consider adding some evergreen bushes to spruce up the color even more for an inviting spot!

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