5 Chipmunk Repellent Ideas That Won’t Harm Them

Animals like deer and chipmunks might be cute creatures when you see them bouncing along outside. However, when they target your garden, many people have their thoughts headed in a different direction.

A chipmunk can do as much damage to a garden as any other rodent or pest. 

When you know how to repel them safely, you’ll save the garden while preventing them from experiencing harm. 

Best Tips for Chipmunk Control in the Garden

1. Use humane traps to take them off your property.

Humane traps can remove chipmunks from your garden rather effectively. Since these animals are protected in some jurisdictions, you’ll want to avoid snap traps since they’ll harm the animal. You can use peanut butter as bait. 

2. Place garlic puree in the garden.

Chipmunks hate garlic. If you puree a few fresh cloves, they’ll stay out of the garden. You can also turn it into a spray or oil that coats the plant’s leaves.

3. Spray your plants with hot pepper oil.

Hot pepper oils will stop chipmunks from raiding your garden. You’ll need to apply the product to each plant with this repellent method.

4. Use predator urine.

Although this option isn’t a foolproof repellent, it can help in some situations. You’ll want to surround the entire garden with it. The primary issue here is that some animals grow accustomed to the scent and return to raid your food anyway.

5. Change your garden’s landscaping.

Chipmunks like rock walls and shrubs because they’re easy places to hide. If you remove these elements from your garden, the animals might disappear.

You can also put up owl boxes on your property to encourage more predators to be nearby. If this bird shows up, they’ll take care of moles, rats, mice, and voles. 

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